About Hygiene

K Pack Hygiene is a division of K Pack Systems Pvt Ltd. We provide Cleaning Solutions for Hospitality, Institutional and Food Processing Industry. We have an exclusive Trademark and Manufacturing agreement with with our Principals Christeyns www.christeyns.com to provide quality chemicals to India and the sub-continent. K Pack Hygiene and our Christeyns are extremely focused on cleaning solutions and passionate about servicing our customer’s needs with an environmental friendly approach.

We have a distinct advantage with our solutions. Our consumable products have been specifically designed for our smart technology range of dispensing systems to the highest formulation specifications and efficient outputs, using natural and environmentally sustainable raw materials.

As a value-added service to our clients, when volume allows, we will supply dispensing systems for our hygiene products at no cost – eliminating the need for monthly rentals. This is just another way we enable you to ensure a high standard of general hygiene – at a much lower cost than most other service providers in the industry. Contact us to find out more!

K Pack is an industry pioneer in Water Treatment systems and we can provide end to end packages to treat your water and resuse it back in the system or discharge it according to norms

Laundry Range

Highly efficient detergents, disinfectants & equipment for industrial laundries and dry & wet cleaning. Every day, millions of people rely on clean uniforms, bed sheets, towels, table linen, mats or other fabrics washed and delivered by textile care professionals like you. Whether you operate as a professional laundry or a dry & wet cleaning company, we can provide you with detergents and equipment that fit your daily challenges. We go the extra mile with our intelligent, easy-to-implement wash processes, and increase the turnover and sustainability of your operations with our water & energy saving equipment and management information systems. Designed by Christeyns.

Professional Cleaning

Top-quality professional hygiene products for kitchens, floors, rooms, fabrics and hands. We believe that with passion great things can be achieved. Professional cleaning has to be efficient, rigorous and effective. With Christeyns as our partner, you are already halfway there. We offer an extensive range of trusted cleaning and hygiene products for the hospitality and catering industry. We also offer Optimal prevention in the Medical sector, medical hygiene solutions in the health care environment. Our health care range, helps you keep off the risks of infection or contamination in an increasingly demanding environment. We analyze the activities taking place at your hospital, the patients treated and the type of medical actions performed in order to design a tailor-made medical hygiene solution, improving the performance of your institution.

Food Hygiene

Premium hygiene products for the dairy, meat & fish, beverage and general food industry and for food retail. Hygiene is key in the food and beverage industry. The quality of your ingredients, your excellent service or processing skills will not matter if your food or drink preparation is not hygienic. Microorganisms that get stuck in corners and narrow spaces must be taken care of. And hands must be kept clean at all times.

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