Filter Press

Filtration is a widely used method in the treatment of sludge produced by wastewater treatment. It can be separated by drainage through sand beds, it can be mechanical under vacuum middle or high pressure conditions which require more sophisticated equipment. Filter presses operate applying very high pressures to the cake (from 5 to 15 bars and sometimes even more). The filter press is a solid liquid separation device using the principle of pressure feeding. It has been used successfully in almost every industrial filtration processes. The Filter Press comprises a set of vertical, contrasted recessed plates, presses against each other by hydraulic jacks at one end of the set. The pressure applied to the joint face of each filtering plate must withstand the chamber internal pressure developed by the sludge pumping system.

It is designed to provide long service life, simple operation and excellent liquid/solid separation. These filter presses are available in a multitude of sizes, and reliably produce filter cake with a solids content of upto 75 percent. The variety of filter press sizes available ensures that K-Pack Systems can build a filter press to suit any sludge dewatering requirement. The filter presses are available with levels of automation ranging from fully manual operation to automated filter presses that require minimal operator input.

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