Advanced Activation Process

K Pack is working with PESPL to deliver this technology. This is a path breaking technology in the STP space. The "CATALYST TECHNOLOGY" as it is termed is based on "Oxidative Stress" principle. Advanced Activation Process is an Eco-friendly approach to target pollutants and contaminants. AAP deals with disintegration of H2O2 which leads to decomposition of organic matter). We have developed a method of Catalyzed Advanced Activation that is capable to generate incomparable quantity of Hydroxyl Radicals and Oxygen simultaneously through catalytic decomposition

AAP type procedures can become very promising technologies for treating wastewater containing Non-biodegradable or hardly biodegradable organic compounds with high toxicity. These procedures are based on generating highly oxidative OH- radicals in the reaction medium. The AAP-system is able to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and endocrine disruptors from waste water. This technology has three players: Microbial Consortium (Organic+) Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Multi-Walled Nano Tubes(Catalyst) K Pack has installed several projects for domestic households, apartments and industries

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